Why to buy yahoo accounts

With more than 1 billion email users worldwide, businesses are realizing online marketing strategies and investing a big part of their profits in email marketing & social media marketing. They invest a lot in buy yahoo accounts, buy gmail accounts, buy hotmail accounts and other social media gigs like facebook likes, twitter tweets, comment etc. Recent research shows that businesses are dedicating more money to email marketing than any other marketing strategy. Email marketing is the best way to connect the current and new possible users.

A survey conducted by US email marketing company Constant Contact has revealed the most effective marketing techniques for small businesses. Here are the top five marketing strategies for small businesses according to the survey

  1. Email marketing – 83 per cent
  2. Website marketing, including both content marketing and SEO – 71 per cent
  3. Face-to-face interaction – 68 per cent
  4. Social media – 49 per cent
  5. Events – 41 per cent

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The figures above shows exactly the importance of both social media marketing and email marketing. In both cases, small businesses have to have lot of email addresses to improve their statistics in marketing to get the TOP ROI. And that is also the reason of new emerging business of buy yahoo accounts, gmail accounts and others.

If you are actively trying to promote your business, you will likely have a website, and gaining website traffic is the only way you can get more business. There are lots of techniques and methods to do that, but the Top most is to Optimize the website to show it in Google’s 1st page. If your website is showing in the first page for the keyword of your choice, you have the chances to win the race unlike others. According to Google’s Panda & Penguine updates, Social Media activities and impressions also play an important role in improving your search engine rankings. However, from the survey results, it appears that combining face-to-face interaction with online marketing techniques is the most effective way to market a small business. And integrating with social media and email marketing you do the both as well.

So where buy yahoo accounts stand ?

All the above stated strategies can be build up without any investment, although its very time taking process. Many of busienss have waited to improve their social media rankings automatically, and waited for years. And there is no guarantee too. Its very tedious for small business, who don’t have so much time to invest want to make their brand value in very less amount of time. These kinds of business buy yahoo accounts and create some fake social media accounts on facebook, twitter, linkedin and other. They use these accounts to share, like and comments about their product and services. Believe me, its the most reliable technique these days. It is worth noting that other more traditional forms of marketing, including offline advertising and outbound calling, ranked much lower on the scale, along with pay-per-click advertising, direct mail and public relations. However, they are still effective, in my opinion, when combined with some of the other techniques noted above.

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